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Motoring Offence Fees

Our Criminal team is able to advise and represent you in respect of a road traffic offence or offences (to include careless driving, dangerous driving, drink driving, drug driving, no insurance, driving whilst using a mobile phone).  The following pricing structure sets out the applicable fees.


Who will carry out the work


Any member of the criminal team will be able to represent you.

The fee payable will be dependent upon the stage at which the case is concluded.

A fixed fee will be charged for a single hearing at the Magistrates Court (normally called the first appearance) in the sum of £550.00 plus VAT.  This will include: -

  • Representation at the hearing.

  • Considering the evidence.

  • Providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence.

  • Advice on whether to put forward an argument of exceptional hardship or special reasons, to be listed at a further date (but excluding representation and assistance in respect of any such future hearing).

The fixed fee does not include: -

  • Instruction of any expert.

  • Any expert fee

  • Taking statements from any witnesses.

  • Advice and assistance in relation to an exceptional hardship or special reasons hearing.

  • Representation at any further hearing.

  • Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal.


Where a not guilty plea is entered, and a trial is listed additional fees will be incurred and will be dependent upon the amount of work to be undertaken, to include the complexity of the case.  Further, disbursements (such as expert’s fees) may apply. A detailed and informed quote will be provided when the full extent of the Prosecution case has been disclosed.

Hourly rates

We are required to provide you with details of the hourly rate applied for each relevant member of staff.
The hourly rates applied are as follows: -

Director:    £300.00
Solicitor:    £210.00



The fees do not include any disbursements such as travel expenses, expert’s fees, barristers and any Court fees.  In the event of the need to incur such expenses, we will advise as to the likely cost, to include VAT if applicable. 

Barristers’ fees can be from £500.00 plus VAT depending on the type and complexity of the hearing.  
Experts’ fees can be from £1,200.00 plus VAT depending on the type and complexity of the case. 




VAT is applicable in respect of our fees and relevant disbursements and VAT is applied at the rate of 20%.



All cases are ultimately supervised by Gennaro Baffa, the director who leads the criminal team.  Barbara Scheck is also an approved Legal Aid supervisor.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the lawyer involved or, in the alternative Gennaro Baffa.

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