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Public Law Care Proceedings

Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors have a team of family lawyers, including those on the specialist Children, Family Law and Resolution panels. We specialise in giving advice on public law children matters, care proceedings and non-accidental injury cases. 


The friendly care solicitors at Shepherd Harris & Co can give you expert advice about all areas of public law which can include:

  • Pre-proceedings (Public Law Outline / PLO Process)

  • Care Proceedings (including Emergency Protection Orders)

  • Special Guardianship Orders

  • Secure Accommodation Orders 

  • Discharge of Care Orders 


We fully appreciate the urgent nature of some cases, so can offer high priority appointments including same-day emergency appointments when available, and go out of our way to ensure that you receive the utmost care and attention from our dedicated team, during what can be a particularly difficult time.

In every case we shall advise you of the availability of Legal Aid to assist you. 

The local authority/social services can become involved with your family at many different stages and levels and we appreciate this can be a stressful and overwhelming time. Please contact us further for a confidential and no-obligation discussion regarding your situation.

If you require more details please contact Chris Dobson

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