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Mother Day News Update

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

How separated parents can avoid Mother’s Day dramas: Shepherd Harris & Co. family dispute specialist

An Enfield based family dispute specialist says newly-separated couples can take steps to avoid Mother’s Day parenting dramas.

“It’s hard to escape that Mother’s Day is coming, an occasion offering family members a chance to show love and appreciation,” says Tazeen Khaliq, of Shepherd Harris & Co.

“Yet for parents who have recently separated or divorced, it will take on a different dimension this year, highlighting major changes in the lives of all the family members.

“When you’re going through the emotional upheaval of separating, facing a landmark annual event like this can be tough.”

Tazeen Khaliq says forward planning of parenting arrangements for Mother’s Day and other special 2023 occasions can help limit conflict between separated couples.

“The practicalities of working out which parent children will spend time with, and when, can cause headaches. And on special days, wishes and demands can change. If parenting arrangements haven’t been sorted in advance, events like Mother’s Day can escalate tensions.

“Making parenting arrangements that work for all family members all year round can feel daunting,” they add. “It can be hard to set aside the strong emotions that come with a separation, but doing so can bring huge benefits to all family members for years to come.

Think ahead to Easter, family birthdays & school breaks in 2023

“It’s worth taking a few moments now to consider what will happen during other significant upcoming 2023 events, including bank holidays, school breaks and parents’ birthdays.

“A professional family mediator can help you work together to agree plans that work for your family’s specific circumstances.

“A parenting plan can be designed to be flexible, and revisited when it’s needed: for example as the children get older, as parents change job or location, and possibly enter into new relationships.

“Family mediation is a process where an independent, professionally-trained mediator helps you work these things out,” adds Tazeen Khaliq. “Professional mediators help empower you to create long-term solutions for your particular circumstances, rather than leaving it to a court to make decisions for your family.”

Our Family mediator at Shepherd Harris & Co. is accredited by the Family Mediation Council, and can talk with separating couples to help them make parenting plans, as well as formalising property and money agreements, helping them avoid courtroom confrontation.

Anyone wanting to find out more can visit or call 02083638341

Interview opportunity

To arrange an interview about resolving parenting arrangements, family mediation, or for more information, please call 020 83638341.

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