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I joined Shepherd Harris in September 1990 and was appointed a Director in June 2017. In June 2019 I was appointed as a Legally Qualified Chair of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. 

I am an experienced litigator in both areas of crime and personal injury/clinical negligence. I was one of the first cohorts of Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives to be granted Advocacy Rights and hold Duty Solicitor status.

I undertake all cases within the fields of criminal law (from road traffic offences to the gravest of crimes to include murder) and personal injury/clinical negligence. 

I have an unquestionable ability to keep on top of a case (by putting in place case strategies where appropriate). This is particularly important in cases where there are a large number of statements and/or exhibits.

I am also conscious of the fact that clients like to see a familiar face and therefore I find it important to maintain continuity wherever possible.

In personal injury/clinical negligence cases I am a great believer in ensuring that immediate care needs are met, in appropriate cases, and therefore will communicate with the Third Party insurer so that steps are put in place to relieve any pressures that are normally placed on family members. This can result in the release of an interim payment.

I undertake all types of cases but particularly where the value of the claim is high. This can include injuries where the consequences are long lasting to where the injuries are catastrophic, to include fatal. ​

Gennaro Baffa

director - FCILEX



director- FCILEX