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Divorce &
Financial Remedy

Divorce can be a stressful and emotive time for all parties concerned. It’s important that you obtain the best possible legal advice to ensure that your interests are protected during what can be a time of upheaval and great change. 

Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage. Financial remedy proceedings in divorce is the process of resolving the financial issues arising from the divorce.

We can help resolve the problems arising from your marriage with our specialist team of divorce solicitors, who also have great expertise of managing financial remedy in divorce. 

We pride ourselves on our efficient approach and will bring our many years of experience to bear in order to achieve the best solution for you. We always attempt to make the procedure of divorce as simple, swift and cost-effective as possible. When you choose to instruct Shepherd Harris & Co to handle your divorce you are assured of our dedicated attention and competitive fees for which we are renowned.

Our team of divorce solicitors will be happy to help you to agree a financial settlement which is realistic and enables you to retain sufficient assets and income for your future life and our expert advice and negotiating skills relating to financial remedy in divorce will ensure you achieve this.

We can also advise you in relation to judicial separation proceedings or prepare a separation agreement.

Our team of solicitors also practice in line with the Resolution code of practice, championing a non-confrontational attitude and approach to divorce and separation matters. As a member of Resolution we are committed to helping you in a sensitive, constructive and cost effective way.

As part of this, we also offer collaborative law  and mediation as an alternative way of couples reaching an amicable separation and divorce. Please see our collaborative law page or mediation page for further information.


If you require more details please contact Tazeen Khaliq

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