• Murder and homicide offences

  • Drug offences

  • Sexual offences

  • Assault 

  • Firearms

  • Human trafficking

  • Fraud

  • Theft, Robbery and Burglary.

  • Confiscation (Proceeds Of Crime Act - POCA)

  • Stalking, Harassment

  • Driving Offences (for Pricing CLICK HERE)

  • Regulatory offences


​No matter who you are, it is possible that at one time or another in your life you will come into contact with the criminal law.  If you have the misfortune of finding yourself in a situation that brings you into contact with the criminal law then it is critical that you seek the very best criminal defence lawyers and advice as soon as possible. At Shepherd Harris & Co we have an experienced team of lawyers who specialise in criminal law.

The majority of criminal investigations commence with detention at the police station and anyone detained for an alleged criminal offence has the right to free and independent legal advice. Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors offer a 24 hour service to those in police custody.

Should you be arrested and held in custody you only need to request representation by Shepherd Harris & Co at any stage during your detention and the police are then duty-bound to contact us on your behalf, no matter what time of day. Alternatively, if you are making enquiries on behalf of somebody who is being detained by the police, simply ring the 24-hour police station line for immediate assistance.

Just contact 020 8363 8341 during office hours and 07813 605612 out of office hours and you can be assured of the specialist assistance of one of our criminal defence lawyers.

By obtaining legal advice at this early stage, it is very often possible to avoid lengthy Court proceedings. The primary purpose of being represented at the police station is to ensure that your rights are adhered to and that you are in a position to deal properly with the allegation during your interview. Our experienced criminal defence lawyers will be able to assess your situation and advise you before you are interviewed.

If the case goes to Court, then in the majority of cases, we hope to be able to represent you on a publicly funded basis, the grant of which is means and merits tested, but would ordinarily be free of charge to those on low incomes. We accept legally aided instructions in all areas of criminal law, subject to the application being granted.

​To request the assistance of our criminal defence lawyers - please contact either Gennaro BaffaBarbara Scheck or Jamie Byrne on 020 8363 8341 during office hours or 07813 605612 out of office hours.

criminal law

criminal law