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Criminal Law

Whether at the police station or at Court, here at Shepherd Harris & Co. we understand that it is critical you seek the very best criminal defence lawyers and advice as soon as possible. Our team of expert Criminal Defence solicitors offer expert advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Our team can assist and advise on: 

•    Driving Offences
•    Stalking / Harassment
•    Theft, Robbery and Burglary
•    Human Trafficking
•    Confiscation / Proceeds of Crime Act 
•    Murder and Homicide 
•    Regulatory Offences
•    Fraud
•    Firearms
•    Assault
•    Sexual Offences
•    Drug Offences

Police Stations


Anyone detained in custody, or indeed attending a police station on a voluntary basis, for an alleged criminal offence has the right to free and independent legal advice. Should you be in this position and request representation by Shepherd Harris & Co, the police are duty-bound to contact us on your behalf; no matter what time of day. Alternatively, if you are making enquiries on behalf of somebody who is being detained by the police or needs advice regarding a police investigation, simply ring the 24-hour police station line (see below) for immediate assistance.


Court appearance


If you are due to appear before a Magistrates or Crown Court, we can help. We have the benefit of a Legal Aid Contract and can therefore apply for Legal Aid where appropriate. If granted this will take care of any legal fees. There are situations when a contribution may be sought from a defendant, but we will advise and assist you through the process. Where legal aid is not available we will advise on the likely costs.

If you require more details please contact 020 8363 8341 during office hours and 07813 605612 out of office hours and you can be assured of the specialist assistance of one of our criminal defence lawyers.

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