Why make a Will?

Putting a Will in place means you have control over what happens to your assets after your death.  Without a Will the law sets out who will inherit and this may not be in accordance with our wishes. 

Some good reasons to make a Will

•    To provide certainty of your wishes for your relatives after your death
•    To choose executors to be responsible for your estate and to give them authority to deal with your financial affairs immediately following your death
•    To make charitable donations
•    To appoint guardians for your children
•    To make gifts of personal belongings
•    To make cash gifts of stated amounts of money
•    To provide for pets
•    To gift your estate unequally between family members or others
•    To consider the consequences of inheritance tax on your death
•    To protect your estate from being used for payment of care home fees in the future
•    To state your funeral wishes
•    To plan ahead to provide for the possibility of your immediate relatives dying before you

It is advisable to make a Will if you are in a co-habitual relationship as your partner will not benefit from your estate without a Will.

It is still important for married couples to make a Will as the law makes limited provision for spouses which may not reflect your wishes and may impact on your spouse’s ability to remain in the family home. 

A Will is also important for single people without children  as your may not want your estate to pass to your parents, who may already have concerns about inheritance tax planning.

We can discuss the full picture of financial planning for you and your extended family as required.

We will register your Will on the Certainty National Will Register at no additional charge if requested.


Living Wills 

This is a document which sets out your wishes and views about your future care and medical treatment.  It can also be called an Advance Directive.

We can discuss with you whether it is more suitable for you to make a Living Will or a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney.

Next Steps

To discuss making any type of Will further please contact Helen Phillips by telephone on 020 8363 8341

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