Fees for remortgage of residential properties


Due to the wide variety of circumstances surrounding property transactions we would prefer to discuss your specific circumstances and transaction so please telephone us on 0208 363 8341. When you contact us we will provide you with a written estimate of fees specific to your transaction with no hidden charges.


One person will be allocated to your matter from the outset and you will have a single point of reference throughout the transaction.


We are accredited members of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) and carry out our work to the highest standards.


Our fees for acting on the new mortgage - £400 to £750.00 plus VAT

Legal fees for dealing with redemption of existing mortgage - £150.00 to £200.00 plus VAT

VAT payable on our fees - £80 to £150.00           

VAT payable on redemption of mortgage - £30.00  to  £40.00


Estimated total fees including VAT - £660.00 to £1,140.00




These are costs relating to the transaction which are payable by us to third parties. These include:-

Land Registry Fees for obtaining copies of your deeds and any documents referred to on them. These are £3.00 per item. Estimate £12.00 in total.


Bank charges  (per bank transfer) - £12.00 plus VAT of £2.40.

Searches (if required by new lender) - £300.00

Indemnity search insurance (if acceptable to new lender) - £14.00 to £150.00

Land registry search fees (per title) - £3.00

Bankruptcy search fee (per borrower) - £2.00

If leasehold, landlord’s registration fees - £60 to £200.00


Land registry fees


Land Registry fees are also payable to register details of the new mortgage you may have. These fees are based on the purchase price of the property and the amount of the mortgage if any you are obtaining. These fees can be calculated by visiting the Land Registry website at the following link http://landregistry.data.gov.uk/fees-calculator.html . We have technology to enable us to submit applications to the Land Registry electronically so the lower of the two fees shown on the website is generally payable except where the property is being registered for the first time separately.

We do not make any separate charges for client identification checks, professional indemnity insurance or postage.  


The fees quoted above assume that:-


  1. The matter proceeds in a straightforward manner and that there are no issues such as defects in title which need to be dealt with. If defects in title are identified then indemnity policies may be required. The costs of these will depend on the nature of the defect and you will be advised of any that may become necessary during the course of the transaction. We do not receive any commission for arranging such policies.

  2. All parties to the transaction proceed in a diligent manner without undue delay.

  3. No other security such as personal guarantees, share transfer forms,  are required by the lender. 

  4. No formal consent to mortgage is required under the terms of any lease.

  5. The estimates are for a mortgage of an individual property.

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